Delivery time and availability

The delivery times listed in this overview and in the context of the respective product overview. The stated delivery times are approximate delivery times. Except for stock items, the availability of our products depends on the ability of the manufacturers or dealers to deliver as well.

For an order of articles with different delivery times, the longest delivery time information applies. The ordered items are generally shipped in one delivery, which keeps the shipping costs incurred by the buyer as low as possible. If the ordered items are already in stock, partial delivery of the items is possible at an additional cost.

The delivery time is seven to ten working days from receipt of the customer’s payment for goods in stock for goods that can be sent as a package. Working days are Monday through Friday. If the goods are not in stock, the approximate delivery times stated in the online shop for the individual goods apply. We have no influence on the duration until receipt of payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

On hand Delivery time approx. 1-4 working days

Approx. 4-9 working days Delivery time approx. 4-9 working days

Approx. 9-17 working days Delivery time approx. 9-17 working days

Approx. 17-25 working days Delivery time approx. 17-25 working days

Approx. 25-33 working days Delivery time approx. 25-33 working days

Approx. 33-53 working days Delivery time approx. 33-53 working days

Approx. 53-99 working days Unfortunately, we do not have a confirmed date from the manufacturer here.


Please contact us directly for approximate delivery time once order is placed.


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